Resource: Workshop & Seminar Details

The A Gypsy’s Wish workshops, facilitated jointly by members of the planning group, were extremely varied in terms of:


MENTER AGM(East of England black & minority ethnic network) 28 Oct 2003(Cambridge) Audience of 60 including Romany delegates
Public & voluntary sector representatives 24 Nov 2003(Ipswich) 15 delegates
Project launch 23 Jan 2004(Ipswich) 250 delegates, appx half from the Gypsy & Romany communities
East of England Regional Diversity & Equality Network 8 Jun 2004(West Suffolk) 21 delegates
Mingle Conference(School race equality conferences) 30 Jun 2004(North Suffolk) 30 delegates over two workshops
SCC Management Action Conference (diversity workshop) 2 Jul 2004(Ipswich) 16 delegates over two workshops
SCC hosted multi-agency A Gypsy’s Wish seminar 13 Oct 2004(South Suffolk) 23 delegates, 8 of whom were Travellers
Suffolk Association of Voluntary Organisations’ diversity seminar 18 Nov 2004 70 delegates
Suffolk Strategic Partnership Board 1 Feb 2005 16 delegates
A Gypsy’s Wish Project evaluation meeting 4 Feb 2005 Project planning group