Project Overview

A Gypsy’s Wish was created in order to help communities develop a deeper awareness of Traveller culture, and to give people in the Travelling community a voice. Many different organisations became involved with funding or training, but the bulk of the work was done by Romany Travellers themselves.

A focus group of fifty young Travellers were interviewed and asked their opinions on a range of issues facing them today. It was on this collective information that the project itself was based, and the drama produced. The drama was unique in that everyone involved had opportunities to take part in writing, directing, acting, filming and editing. None of these young people had any experience, but the end result – the drama A Gypsy’s Wish - did them proud!

Potted History


A Gypsy's Wish project proves how much can be achieved when young people are offered opportunity and resources. Around fifty young Romany Travellers were involved in the full creation of this project,including final say on the name and design work. Their creation was launched to a capacity audience at the UGC Ipswich in January 2004.


Partners involved in this project included members of the Suffolk Romany Traveller community, Suffolk County Council, CSV Media, The Prosper Scheme and The Children's Fund. Footage of the film was first shown on a national teacher training website


Directed by a Romany Traveller, Daniel Allum, the film itself deals with many many issues facing young Travellers today. It was used as a central piece in conferences throughout East Anglia to discussions hosted by two Romany Travellers, Silvie Parker and Pam Allum. All the feedback was positive, with some participants even describing life-changing experiences in understanding the Traveller way of life and prejudices regularly faced.


Many organisations came together to help this Project come to fruition. We would like to particularly thank the Suffolk Romany Traveller community, Suffolk County Council, CSV Media, The Prosper Scheme, the Children's Fund, the Project Group and their organizations, including;

  • Tamasin Davies – Communications Manager, Suffolk County Council
  • Dan Allum – CSV Media and Romany Gypsy
  • Bruce Macgregor – Regional Director, CSV Media
  • Andy Yacoub – Diversity Manager, Suffolk County Council
  • Silvie Parker – Romany Gypsy
  • Pam Allum – Romany Gypsy
  • Gill Dean – Children’s Fund