Welcome to A Gypsy’s Wish!

A Gypsy’s Wish is the name given to an exciting drama project that began life in 2002. Made in response to the issues facing young Romany Travellers today and a general need for greater understanding between the Traveller and non-Traveller communities, A Gypsy’s Wish was created to enlighten its makers, participants, and all who view it.

After the final formal showing in 2005, the project was deemed such a success that this website was planned in order to provide a long standing teaching tool and information centre. On here you will find all aims, methods, resources and outcomes of A Gypsy’s Wish. It is hoped that this website will allow others to learn from - and perhaps develop their own – projects, building on the great work already done.


General information on the inspirations behind A Gypsy’s Wish and how information was accumulated.


The project objectives behind the A Gypsy’s Wish project and the practical objectives used to achieve them.

The Making

Gives details of the main components in making the drama, including training, risks, timeline, fundingand consultation.


Points taken at the end of the project including comments from some of those involved.


Lessons learned and reflections made of the impact of the project overall.


Links to videos and audio files relating to A Gypsy’s Wish.


Where to go for more information on A Gypsy’s Wish.